About the CEO

It's not work when you love what you do and have a passion for it. John Daniels IV is the 7th grade CEO and Founder of Pontem, a creative projects company. John also is an Actor for First Stage, playing Archie in Snowy Day and Other Stories and Ollie in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Building bridges through new opportunities. In 2020, John W, Daniels IV decided to expand the Pontem mission of building bridges and creating connections through 4 core pillar projects. Pontem Design carries the original focus of Pontem with, art, photography, cards and web design. PML Advisors focuses on teaching financial literacy and investment strategies. inspYre hub is focused on teaching others and growth analysis.  big kids business is focused on helping young entrepreneurs succeed. At Pontem we continue to build bridges one note, one website, one stock share, one person at a time. 

John W. Daniels IV, CEO and Founder